Rikirex – The Flying Fish

‘Tis all about my childhood memories again and often if not once, scenes from my grade school years creep trough me about my reading sessions at Ng Nida Garcia store. Week after week, together with Serg’s, Ped and Paul at times, we sat at makeshift chairs beside the store enclosed by bamboo fence. Other readers filled the space and looking from the road, it seemed the compound exuded serenity until laughter and silent talks were heard. The herds were pretty quiet with the attention focused on the newsprint quality of  ink-smelled and tainted pages.

Komiks business was such a big industry in the Philippines after WWII and until its essence was superseded by the internet era beginning on the 90s. My time in primary ’till I graduated high school coincided with the Komiks heyday. I for one, grew in the atmosphere of adventure, mystery, fine arts, folklore and literature as the supply of these materials truly abound all year round.

To be continued..

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