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Gospel Reading for Sunday October 18, 2020 HIBLA 18-Oct-2020: We are anointed and called by name by our God who gifts us with faith, hope and charity to carry out our mission. LIVE THE WORD CHALLENGE: Have we been faithful in giving back to God what God deserves to receive? CALL TO ACTION: Invite someone to join your family to pray the rosary next week.
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HIBLA 28082020:
Our greatest sacrifice is to surrender ourself to the the Lord, follow His word and we will be rewarded accordingly

Call to Action:
Everyday little sacrifice that we can do to others.


HIBLA 10102019
Let us proclaim God’s faithfulness and be witnesses of His unconditional love.


Group1/Hibla 31052018: “The body and blood of Christ remind us of the need to obey God’s will for our eternal salvation.”

Reflection: To which extent are we obedient to God?

Call to action: A good deed a day.


Group2/Hibla 31052018: “Jesus sacrifice is the fulfillment of the new covenant and we are eternally redeemed by it.”

Reflection: How do we become witnesses of the new covenant fulfilled by Christ?

Call to action: To trust in the redemptive love of God.


HIBLA 17052018: We are all united by the Holy Spirit to be the instruments of peace and harmony among God’s people.

ACTION: Let us offer a sincere and heartfelt sign of Christ’s peace during the Holy Mass.


Hibla 10052018: Come Holy Spirit, and prepare our hearts and minds to proclaim God’s message.

ACTION: Pray and share the Novena to the Holy Spirit with family and friends.


Hibla 26042018: Let us remain in Him and bear fruits.

Call to action: Identify and remove habits that wilt our connection with Christ.


Hibla 19042018: We are one flock whom the shepherd loves so much.

Call to action: Make extra effort to lead and pray for those who are astray especially those who are close to us.


Hibla 12042018: Being a living witness of Jesus we must fulfill the commitment of love.

Call to action: Be a good role model to your neighbor.


Grp1/Hibla19042018: “Jesus is the cornerstone that links God the Father to His beloved children, and only through Him we can be saved.”

Reflection: Do you pray to God the Father or Jesus more?

Call to action: Pray to the Holy Spirit more this upcoming week. 🔥🔥🔥🔥


Grp2/Hibla19042018: “Knowing the good shepperd is the only way to salvation.”

Reflection: How do we listen to the voice of the good shepherd?

Call to action: Minimize the distractions in our daily life, and focus on the voice of the good shepperd.


Hibla15042018: “Jesus Christ resurrection is our God’s love to His beloved people.”

Reflection: What is the meaning of Jesus resurrection to you?”

Call to action: Find time to pray the rosary.


HIBLA12042018: “Jesus redemption helps us to proclaim His message of repentance, forgiveness and love.”

Reflection: How do you express His message of repentance, forgiveness and love?

Call to action: Pray to the Lord, to be able to forgive others and learn to let go.


Blessed are we who believe in Christ for we shall have peace and everlasting life.


Hibla05032018. “The Lord brings skeptics and believers to be witnesses and testimonies of His grace.”

Reflection: When are we skeptics in our life?

Call to action: To re~enforce our witnessing through prayer.


Hibla22032018: Through Jesus ultimate sacrifice, God’s promise of salvation is accomplished.

Reflection: As easter people, how do we honor the sacrifice and love of Jesus?

Call to action: Get ready to refresh for easter, by looking back at the lenten season.


HIBLA20130317:Because of God’s great love for us, he gave the Covenant who is the source of salvation, for those who love and obey him.


Hibla15032018: “God’s time and purpose is experienced through our transformative obedience and suffering in Jesus.”

Reflection: How do you respond to situation of suffering?

Call to action: Ask God in prayer, if our suffering bringing us in close relationship with Him and others.


HIBLA20180308: We can be saved only through God’s grace and not by our own human efforts.


Hibla08032018: “For God so loved the world that he gave his immeasureable graces so that all may have eternal life.”

Reflection: Share an occasion that restricts you in experiencing God’s generosity?

Call to action: Spend more time with God and family.


HIBLA20180224: Acknowledge, obey and believe and God will protect you and give you new life.


Hibla 22022018: The clarity of our obedience is to be, “at ONE” with God.

Reflection: How do you remain at ONE with God?

Call to action: Be “at ONE” with everyone when the english vigil mass is launched this Saturday, 24Feb2018, 7:30pm at OLMC/Wanchai.


HIBLA20180220: God blesses us for our faithfulness, in our afflictions, all the days of our lives.

HIBLA 20180211: We shall repent and remain in You, please remain in us Lord.

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By living our lives more like Christ, we become a source of healing and compassion towards others.

1. In different aspects of my life, have I been a source of healing to other people?
2. What methods can I take to cleanse myself spiritually?


HIBLA20180208: Have faith and be thankful to God because of our salvation through Jesus Christ.

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Hibla08022018: “The Lord heals us as He wish it to be.”

Reflection: How do we bring forward our own afflictions to God?

Call to action: Continue to grow in our prayer life, and do acts of charity.


Hibla February 11, 2018: Have faith in our God as He is merciful and just.


Hibla 26012018: Set aside our anxieties and let God who has authority lead our daily lives.

Action: Think about what is distracting you from fully trusting God’s authority?


Hibla25012018: “Free up our anxieties for God speaks with great authority.”

Reflection: How anxiety obstructs us from pleasing the Lord?

Call to action: Say a little pray whenever you feel anxious.


HIBLA 18012018: We have a compassionate God who is just waiting for us to repent and be obedient to His call.

Action: What is God asking you to do now? Listen to your heart.


Hibla 18Jan2018: “His timeless calling is about our simple obedience to change and to follow Him.”

Reflection: When do you encounter God’s invitation to change?

Call to action: Invite a friend to church & serve


HIBLA.12.01.2018 :

“As true followers of Christ, let us Glorify Him and let us make our bodies worthy as Temple of the Holy Spirit.”

1. Cleanse our soul – Go to confession
2. Feed our soul – Attend Bible Study regularly
3. Share the story of Jesus to our family most especially our children


HIBLA20171213: “As we wait and rejoice for the coming of Christ, let us be one with God in our journey to be perfectly holy.”

Action: How do we prepare for the coming of Christ? We decorate our hearts with patience, kindness and humility; wrap our minds with sacred thoughts; Give Love On Christmas day! 😍🎄☺️

viber image-hibla20171213.jpg

As we wait for God’s return, let us repent, prepare ourselves and share His promise of salvation to others.

Find what you need to cleanse in your heart in preparation for God’s coming.

LBS @ Mt.Carmel/Wanchai

HIBLA07122017: “Cleanse and prepare for the coming of the Lord.”

Reflection. How do we prepare our hearts and minds for the coming of our Messiah?

Call to Action: Go to confession.


Be a good christian at all times and be ready for the Lord’s coming. Allow God to shape our lives and humbly submit to his will.

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Repent and prepare the way of the Lord for He is coming!


Acknowledge God’s presence at all times and strive to be in state of grace as we wait for the coming of our Lord.

Call to Action:
Set considerable amount of prayer time.


Let God mold us into useful servants as we await the coming of His Son.
1. What is hindering us from becoming useful and faithful servants?

Our love for neighbor is our Love for God and we shall reap the reward of eternal life.
Call to action
1.Offer help to the needy
2.Pray for the sick

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“As we proclaim Christ as our King, let us love and be merciful to all of humanity.”

Action : Show love this coming season of Advent by doing the corporal works of mercy.


The Lord will grant us eternal life and salvation thru acts of mercy.

Take courage to do good deeds to others especially those who are in need.


Lord, guide us to do good and make our paths righteous, leading us to eternal life.
Recall the different works of mercy and see how you can apply these to your daily life.

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Hibla20171116: “As faithful servants, let us share the joy with our Master as putting our talents to good use will bring us to the Kingdom of Heaven.”


Be a good steward of God’s gifts, prosper them, share them and be vigilant in the coming of the Lord.

Call to Action:
1. Use God’s gift productively
2. Continue to inspire others

LBS @ Mt.Carmel/Wanchai

Hibla16Nov2017: “Children of the light, let us be God-fearing and grow the talent entrusted to us, and stay alert at all times.”

Reflection: How do we grow the talents entrusted to us?

Call to action: Continue to trust the Lord, and put Him first in whatever we do.


HIBLA11152017: Let us nourish the wisdom given to us and continue to work on our faith for the Lord will reward us according to our deeds.

Call to action:
1. Read scriptures
2. Pray often
3. Give words of praises to others
4. Don’t be hesitant to do good things to others

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HIBLA: Stay awake, stay with the Lord.

1. Am I committed to my friendship with God?
2. How can I seek wisdom from God and share it with others?


BE wise in God for everything we do, glorify and prepare as the Lord is coming.

Call to Action: Be obedient.


“Be wise and offer light of hope to others as we prepare for the coming of God’s kingdom.”